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A five-arm fixture with candle holders and decorative glass prisms.


An assortment of glass chimneys.

Decorative Lamp

A hanging lamp with painted glass.

Decorative Lamp

A hanging copper lantern lamp with green glass panels.

Decorative Lamp

A ceiling fixture with colorful painted glass shade.

Decorative Lamp

A six-sided hanging fixture with glass panels.

Fabric Shades

A wide range of fabric lamp shades.

Floor Lamp

1890-1900s piano lamp base with c. 1950 stained-glass shade.Deco base with 2 candle head, new shade. (1920s). C.1910 standing floor lamp, cast iron with roped and reeded solid brass tubing. On left ... Read More

Floor Lamp

Art deco floor lamp with fabric shade. On left, gas sconce, art deco solid brass bare-bulb sconce, clear sconce, cranberry on gas sconce, Irridized art glass shade on old brass sconce. On right, 2 ... Read More

Floor Lamp Assortment

An assortment of floor lamps with fabric shades Deco, c.1910, large wood with fringed shade (BP), agate glass, cast iron and brass, Quilter style with red. Top: 1920s 5 candle chandelier, 4 light pan ... Read More

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